In Ireland we expect slate roofs:

  • Not to fail;
  • Never lose their colour;
  • Have a flat smooth finish on the roof;
  • Have no grading/sorting of material;
  • Not to oxidise/rust;
  • Resist severe weather conditions and acid rain;
  • To be maintenance free;

Yet we are the only country in the world that expects prices comparable to cheaper less effective materials.

Slate Supplies are experienced in roofing.

We have a passion for selling high quality roofing material.

Not all slate is the same, some are better than others. Customers need to be aware of the climate/weathering capabilities of each quarries rock. This can be seen on the test report data sheets, and is usually reflected in the guarantees offered by the quarries on their slate.

When selecting slate, you must consider the following:

  • Quality of the rock. The rock must be suited to Ireland’s landscape and Atlantic conditions. Acid rain is a genuine concern for all roofing material in Ireland.
  • Ventilation requirements
  • Pitch of roof
  • Site exposure
  • Roof Insulation methods

In today’s economic downturn, price is extremely important, but the quality/durability of your material will determine if you have received value for money.

Recently, the slate industry in Ireland has experienced a race to the bottom in price, but unfortunately in a lot of cases quality has also suffered.

Slate Supplies feel it is no longer acceptable, to just supply a slate from a quarry at a price. Customers are looking for quality products with long term value